ASP (Active Server Pages)
A technology that allows Visual Basic Script, JavaScript and PerlScript programs to be embedded in a web page. The script is processed before the page is sent to the browser, allowing the page to be modified by the script. Database access is possible, enabling completely dynamic and customized web sites.

Disk Space
This refers to the amount of disk space available for use by your web site. It is measured in Megabytes (MB) -- about one million bytes. There is an extra fee should your site exceed this limit.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an alternative method of uploading your web site to our servers. We recommend you use the Microsoft® FrontPage® Server Extensions instead, whenever possible.

Hit Limit
This refers to the practice of certain other Web Hosting companies who impose a limit on the number of hits (each page and picture sent to a browser counts as a 'hit') on your site. They set the limit low and charge extra if you exceed it. We don't do that.

Mailing List
A mailing list is an intelligent mail program that automatically distributes mail to a large number of recipients. It can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe members from the list. The list server software is Lyris, and each user may have one list with up to 200 members.

Transfer Limit
The transfer limit of a site is the amount of data the site may transmit, per month, before incurring extra fees. It is measured in Gigabytes (GB) -- about one billion bytes.